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pricing  NW1 Movement Studio & Workshop

1-1 Training (1hr)

A lot can be accomplished in an hour if you have dedicated programming. All our sessions are tailored to individual requirements, making the most of your training time and ensuring you reach your goals in the most effective way. 

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1-1 Specialised Training (1hr30)

Learning a new skill such as calisthenics or weightlifting can be difficult. The human body performs hundreds of complex movement patterns every day without thought. To accomplish your goals efficiently we recommend a longer training time specifically tailored towards the skills you want to work on.

  • 1  - £100

  • 5 - £475*

  • 10 - £899*

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  • 1  - £75

  • 5 - £350*

  • 10 - £649*

Small Group (3-5) Training (1hr20)

Train in a group (3-5 people) that have similar goals to you and progress as a team. The added support from training in a group will help encourage you when training is tough and it's also useful to learn to recognise other people's areas for improvement so you can better assess your own.

  • 1  - £35

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Packages include:

- Private training environment. The studio is only open to sessions, allowing you full access to the facilities, making the space your own.
- Individual programming. After an initial consultation and movement assessment, your coach will design a training programme tailored towards achieving your goals, making the most out of your time. 
- Nutritional advice. All our trainers have years of experience with diet guidance and management, offering advice specific to your goals and lifestyle.

"Mal is a great coach and gives time to explain why certain things are important rather than simply telling me to do something. Mal even recognised a structure imbalance I have and referred me to an osteopath to help correct it! Highly recommended!"



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