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Calisthenics comes from the Greek words 'Kallos' (beauty) and 'Sthenos' (strength).

Calisthenics is bodyweight training; a combination of strength, power, balance and awareness, training the body as a whole.

Calisthenics is all about progression. No matter what you're currently capable of you can improve - all calisthenics athletes are on their own journey to perfect form.

"I am training with Mal and I absolutely love each of my training sessions. I have a great trainer, who truly understands my needs and knows how to motivate me. I am always looking forward to our sessions."


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Weightlifting & Calisthenics Coach

I've worked in the fitness industry for almost 8 years; starting in London before moving to Australia. On arrival, I had no gym membership so decided to join a weightlifting club and gymnastics studio.


Returning home to London, I was hugely influenced by the experience. I integrated the techniques and skills I had learned and the feedback was amazing. Helping people to increase strength and learn new skills while also improving mobility and flexibility is what I love to do.


Calisthenics coach & Weight Management Specialist

Becoming a Personal Trainer I learned a lot. After re-educating myself and understanding where I was going wrong I was able to help others. Helping people reach their fitness and weight loss goals led me to new ones - I no longer spend hours on a cross-strainer, chasing someone else’s idea of fitness.

I have been fortunate to meet and work with many inspiring people in the fitness industry, which has taken me on a different journey, off the cross-trainer and even outside the gym!



Junior coach 

My journey started with spinning (of all things!) going to lots of fitness classes, thriving off pushing my body. Over the past couple years, I’ve gravitated to strength training. I love the feeling of being strong and moving well, lifting more than I thought I was capable of.

I hope to share my enthusiasm and experience, working together to find a training style that suits your lifestyle and most importantly that you enjoy. My motivation is to provide education and make a lasting impact on people’s lives. Whether you have previous experience or are a complete beginner (I’ve been there too), I aim to create an inclusive and motivational training environment where you can learn and thrive.

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"Will has changed my opinion of personal trainers. I used to think that they were scary and aloof but he's the opposite: kind, patient and understanding whilst pushing you hard to reach your goals."